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“I hired Tracey under the Opportunities Fund managed by Easter Seals and I could not be happier. She is a very dedicated employee and I am now investing in her to make her a fundamental part of my team. It didn’t hurt that her wages were offset by a subsidy.” - Bob Griffin, Griffin Financial

Why hire someone with a disability?

High Retention

Retention rates are 72% higher among people with disabilities which saves on training costs.

Low Absenteeism

Studies have shown that people with disabilities have lower absenteeism when compared to the labour pool at large.

Hard working

Recent surveys indicate that 90% of workers with disabilities received 'good' or 'excellent' performance ratings from managers.

Opportunities Fund

Easter Seals Newfoundland and Labrador is now the community coordinator for the opportunities fund for persons with disabilities. We offer wage subsidies to help employers hire a person who self identifies as having a disability. Through this project we help people with disabilities prepare for, obtain and maintain employment. Application packages are available for both potential employers and participants.

For a person to qualify for the Opportunities Fund, they must

Employers: Click here to download your application

Participants: Click here to download your application


Horizons Program

The goal of the Horizons Program is to provide a comprehensive skill enhancement and work experience for youth and young adults who face barriers to employment. Through the program, youth will develop necessary workplace skills that will facilitate personal growth and independence, enabling them to compete for meaningful employment opportunities.

Career Services at Easter Seals NLTo qualify for the Horizons Program, participants must be:

Participants: Click here to download your application


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