Team Tuesday: Meet Anita

By: Ashley Martin-Hanlon

Welcome back to our Blog for 2017! Today on Team Tuesday, meet Anita!
1 What is your name? Anita Ayling (or ‘Miss Anita’ to many)
2 What is your position title? Certified Music Therapist
3 What do you do at Easter Seals? Assist incredible individuals in creating music, communicating, expressing themselves and reaching personal goals!
4 How long have you been with Easter Seals? Just over 2 years
5 What is the best thing you have learned during your time here? I learn from every single participant every time I see them - I am consistently inspired.
6 What is your biggest dream for Easter Seals this year? For all participants to continue to find programs that enhance their lives - And perhaps try some new experiences!
7 What is one weird fact about you that people might find interesting? I can wiggle my eye balls…
8 What is your favourite thing about Easter Seals House? The music therapy room!! A bright, beautiful, welcoming space with endless instruments.
9 When you eat your smarties do you eat the red ones last? I have been told that I am a bit of a chocolate snob as I do not like smarties…so I suppose not!
10 You are stuck on a desert island and can only have 3 things with you- what are they? Cheese, Pyjamas, and a piano (that should fit in a suitcase…)
11 What was the best concert you've ever been to? The Guess Who!
12 Do you play any sports? I believe performing in musicals counts as a sport…so yes?
13 What is your favourite outfit? Did you choose it for comfort, or style? I like to mix it up! Depends on the day and mood.
14 Coffee or tea? Why? I adore coffee but also thoroughly enjoy tea. Both are delicious and comforting.
15 What is one thing you can never figure out? I am not the best at mental math…
16 If you could change one thing about society, what would it be? I would love for everyone to gain the ability to truly understand one another and therefore be kind and support others.
17 Could you live without one modern convenience? Which one? I COULD live without them all (and have gone months without many of them) but prefer not to!
18 Aliens: Fact or fiction? Fiction
19 If you could have one superpower, what would it be? To know and be able to play all of the music ever created - #musicwoman
20 Where do missing socks go? I don’t think I’ve ever lost one!
Thanks, Anita! Can't believe you've never lost a sock! To reach Miss Anita for more information on Music Therapy you can email her at

About the author:

Ashley Martin-Hanlon is the Communications Coordinator at Easter Seals Newfoundland and Labrador. For more information contact Ashley at 754-1399 (ext 226) or, or check out their website at

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