Horizons Employment Program Seeking Referrals

Posted: Friday, July 17, 2017

Program starting August 28th, 2017
Are you looking for employment or do you know someone who needs help securing employment? Maybe we can help, read below to learn more about an exciting employment opportunity. 
To participate in this project you must meet the following criteria: 
This project will provide 8 participants with exposure to work, blended with workshops. The majority of participantsi time will be dedicated to working with an employer. 
Participants will spend 75 hours in training over the first 3 weeks, training will include workshops such as First Aid, WHIMS and OH&S. Participants will also take part in group training workshops for 5 hours every Wednesday over 24 weeks. A stipend for $10.50/hr will be paid to participants (no EI deductions) for taking part in the training component. 
Participants will work with a business for 28 hours per week for 24 weeks. Pay is $10.50/hr (EI deductions) with a possibility for higher pay depending on the pay scale for the position, as well as the participantis qualifications. 
To learn more about this exciting opportunity please call Amy Palmer, @ 754-1399 ext. 224 or by e-mail  amy@eastersealsnl.ca

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