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Easter Seals Newfoundland and Labrador

Martek, Charlie Oliver
Charlie Oliver and Martek have been long supporters of Easter Seals. Every year he lets Easter Seals throw people off his building at our Drop Zone event.

Ocean Choice International, Iris Petten
Iris Petten and Ocean Choice International were quintessential for building Easter Seals House. Iris’ support never stopped there. It is nothing to find Iris on vacation promoting an event or fundraising for Easter Seals.

Subsea 7, Stephen Henley
Since 2009 Stephen Henley and Subsea 7 have sponsored the Tee It Up For the Kids Golf Classic. Since inception the tournament has raised more than $230,000 in support of Easter Seals.

Rutter Technologies, Fraser Edison
There is no greater supporter of Easter Seals than Fraser Edison. Frasier has been a part of Easter Seals his entire life and is the namesake of the Frasier Edison Easter Seals Ambassador Trust which provides a scholarship for the annual ambassador.

Century 21, Linda and Gord Hiscock
Since 1989 Linda and Gord Hiscock have been the sponsors of one of the key events at Easter Seals- the Century 21 Easter Seals Regatta. It is a quintessential event in the summer for Easter Seals families.

GoodLife kids Foundation, Dick Barter
In 2015 Easter Seals had the opportunity to compete for a $25 000 grand prize from the GoodLife Kids Foundation. The winnings were announced by Mayor Dennis O’Keefe at the annual Spin 4 Kids Event at the Holliday Inn.

St. John's Northwest Rotary
When Easter Seals Newfoundland and Labrador needed it most, St. John’s Northwest Rotary stepped in and seeded our wheelchair basketball program.

Service Canada
Through our partnership with Service Canada e are able to deliver employment programs for persons with disabilities including the Horizons Program and the Opportunities Fund.

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