Linda’s Equipment Crossing Program

Wheelchairs, walkers, canes, scooters, bath seats and many other pieces of assistive equipment are essential for the daily lives of persons living with a disability. Adaptive equipment including bikes, sleds, strollers and others contribute to their overall wellness and their families.

Insurance plans and government programs often do not include these much needed items.

There are many pieces stored in basements and garages which are now outgrown or no longer needed but still have plenty of good life left.

A gap in availability of equipment was recognized and a new program offering used equipment free of charge was created. The equipment program was inspired by the life of a little girl, Linda Bartlett who lived with cerebral palsy and benefitted from a similar program established in Ottawa. Linda was born in Ottawa and lived her first few years there. Her family originally from St. John’s moved back in 2000. Sadly Linda passed away in 2002 but sparked by her memory her family approached Easter Seals NL and together with support from Katie McCormick of AIM Services a new program was created, It offered used assistive devices and adapted equipment Families donated equipment and they were made available free of charge on a first come first served basis.

In the early days equipment was stored at the former Transport Museum located on Mt. Scio Road, currently the site of Easter Seals House. Linda’s grandfather worked as part of the transportation industry for Canadian National Railway. As a dedicated union leader he supported railway employees and their families. There were railway crossings peppered throughout Newfoundland communities where residents travelled and goods were distributed.

In a similar way, through the new program much needed equipment crossed hands  throughout the community and so the program became known as “Linda’s Equipment Crossing”.

“Linda’s Equipment Crossing” has supported many families who have a member with a disability. Idle quality equipment  was appreciated once again and saved families much valued resources. They have found equipment to use while travelling through airports or during family adventures. Equipment was borrowed on a trial basis before making a significant investment. School field trips were made inclusive  for students with a disability to enjoy adventures with their classmates.

To inquire about available equipment and to book a loan please contact a member of the Programs Department.

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