Thank you 2019-2020 ESNL Volunteers

In celebration of National Volunteer Week from April 19th to April 23rd, ESNL recognized all of our incredible volunteers in each department. Please join us in thanking these incredible people and organizations for their dedication and contributions to Easter Seals NL!

ESNL’s Recreational Programs Volunteers assist with the delivery of our recreational and arts programs, family events, and camps:

GOLD: Natasha Noel, Doug Copp, Brooke Squires, Mario Dimitrov, Callie Landmead, Eileen Bartlett, Ryan Spear, Emma Ford, Abby Druken, Emily Walsh, Dave Woodridge, Sam Hollohan, Debbie Parsons

SILVER: Olivia Moores, Adele Forward, Grace Clarke, Adam Schamper, Levi Moulton, Emma Dornan, Gillian Foley, Leah Davis, Kara Fitzgerald, Janet King, Bob McCarthy, Ally Decker, Margot Walsh, Michelle Butt, Gabrielle Neil, Cassandra McGrath, John Adams

BRONZE: Jessie Cole, Christina Major, Drew Mcdermott, Matthew Snelgrove, Maria Colbert, Andrew Snelgrove, Bethany Rossiter, Brianna King, Keeley Oats, Allie Crowley, Anna Gosine, Selina Zhao, Jasmine Hyde, Samantha Penney, Victoria Predham, Iain Gamba, Kaitlin Harte, Alicia Barron, Grace Mercer, Jessica Ashley Cole, Nikki Kennedy, Stephen Predham, Melanie Crane, Amanda Davis, Cheryl Macphail, Kathleen Ellwood, Emma Wallace, Chelsea Crossley, Mackenzie Cavell, Rachel Kenny, Amy Noseworthy, Tara Foley, Sarah Stuckless, Devon Osmond, Brooke Beale, Heather Richards, Dave Hanums, Alex Hennessy, Theresa Allingham

RECOGNITION: Alex Hennessey, Amanda Davis, Amber Boutcher, Andrea Janes, Andrew Haley, Arielle Whalen, Brenda Walsh, Brittany Bolt, Bryan Crew, Cassidy Mercee, Charlotte Morgan, Chelsea Maddock, Claire Skanes, Dakota Noseworthy, Deepal Deshpande, Emily Keeping, Emma Bridgeman, Emma Jean, Gail Oxford, Gillian Williamson, Hailey Wadden, Isabella Winsor, Jade Quirion, Jaeyong Lee, Jane Kenny, Janelle Forristall, Jenn Rideout, Jennifer Wells, Jeremy Walsh, Jessie Noseworthy, Jill Rendall, John Hearn, Joshua Fifield, Julia Naturer, Kaitlin Kean, Karen Martin, Katherine Kathleen Dyer, Katie Fisher, Keegan Hynes, Kelsey Shute, Kenneth Ball, Kevin Lee Jr, Kirk Combdon, Kristen Elizabeth, Kristen LeFrense, Kristen Murrey, Laura Phillpott, Lauren Goldworthy, Liam Robbins, Liam Robbins, Lori Martin, Mackenzie Morgan , Maggie Shallows, Mallory Hanlon, Maria Downton, Maria Power, Martin Dimitrov, Meghan Marsh, Melanie Crane, Melanie Smith, Najaula Sparkes, Nikki Bursey, Olivia Osmond, Omobosola Lasisi, Rachel Moores, Regan Stringer, RJ Lee, Ryan Pretty, Sajid Khayer, Sam Keats, Sarah Organ, Seungh Lee, Sophie Bennett, Stephaine Evans, Tamara Belben, Tana Genge, Taylor Barrett, Taylor Pike, Tayor Avery, Tiffany Fraize, Tim St. Croix, Tori Lawless, Victoria Warren, William Duff

ESNL’s Fund Development Volunteers have assisted with events, and campaigns that helped us raise funds for our programs and services:

GOLD: Adam West, Andrew Kelloway, Anthony Griffiths, Brad MacLaughlan, Heather Best, Jodi Dinn, Karla Greene, Kim Perchard, Kyle Spurrell, Leighann Saunders, Mark Jenkins, Mike Murphy, Nick Squires, Robert Andrews, Shanneyganock, Taylor Clarke, Tim Humphries.

BRONZE: Nikki Kennedy, Jeremy Walsh.

RECOGNITION: Mark Fagan Century 21 Seller’s Choice, Amy Walsh, Brittany Victorino, Canopy Growth Corp (Tweed), Dannielle Thomas, David Churchill, Donna Parmiter, Don Power – Century 21 Seller’s Choice The Local Experts, Hayley Pinksen, Heidi Peddle, Jess Cole, Katie Walsh, Krista Trask – Century 21, Olivia Moore, Rebecca Taylor, Sajid Khayer, Taylor Stone, 905 Vikings Cadets, Hayley Redmond, Heather Dehann, Karen Evans, Simone Wilkins, Spencer Wilkins.

ESNL’s Career and Education Volunteers assist in delivering skills building and educational sessions to participants in our Horizons program, sometimes acting as mentors to participants to help them in their career and personal development:

SILVER: Claire McCarthy

RECOGNITION: Monica Zhang, Kaitlyn Smith, St. John’s Board of TradeTechknowtutors, Claire LeDrew, Skills Canada – Newfoundland and Labrador


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with Easter Seals NL, please click here.


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